The Zimbabwe National Productivity Institute in liaison with the Employment Council for the construction industry has embarked on a massive productivity drive within the construction sector. This has seen four workshops for companies which fall under the purview of the employment council for construction. To date 2 workshops have been conducted in Harare benefiting over 100 participants, whilst for Gweru and Bulawayo the ZNPI conducted one productivity workshop each, benefiting more than 150 participants.

During these workshops, participants were introduced to fundamental productivity enhancement tools and techniques such as, 5s, Kaizen and lean management, which are essential in ensuring company survival and growth in the face of economic hardships. This is a proactive way of averting the risks of job lose through retrenchments.

More productivity workshops are in the pipeline with Masvingo and Mutare workshops earmarked for the 12th and 14th of November 2019. After the completion of this phase, the ZNPI will cascade the program to company level where they will administer practical productivity intervention strategies with the aim of turning around the companies programme and the entire economy at large