The Government of Zimbabwe is enhancing its policies in its bid to economically empower the disabled youths in society. At National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) in Ruwa which is a vocational training centre, Inclusive Policy was introduced in 2018.The policy is being implemented successfully whereby the enrolment of students undertaking HEXCO programs now include the able-bodied students and the disabled students.

 The integration drive is meant to produce highly qualified and self sustained youths who will play a significant role by contributing to the GDP of the country.

In line with this shift in spectrum, the newly structured sports council at the institution has responded to the government call by widening the sport codes to cater for both the able-bodied students and the disabled students. This saw the introduction of Korfball and badminton at the institution.

 The sports director at the institution, Amos Hashub-Hashum Nyamutata sees the inclusive policy as a game changer for both the able-bodied and the disabled students. The institution will now compete in both the Paralympic and Olympic Games. Human resource training and development is currently underway in terms of sport whereby qualified coaches are being produced through various courses.  

Some challenges being faced by the Centre in the area of sport include lack of proper sporting grounds. Goal posts for soccer, handball, korfball, netball, volleyball are urgently required in the sports development process at the institute. There is also need for a tennis court and a swimming pool to be constructed at the NRC. Currently when swimming and tennis training sessions are to be carried out, the institute goes out to hire venues for students to be trained. A structure at the institute is earmarked for mini gym hall. This will facilitate physical training of the athletes.   

Success Story in Sport.

Since the introduction of cricket for the disabled at NRC Ruwa in 2018, some of the students have qualified to play in the national disabled cricket team for Zimbabwe.

Future Plans

The rebranded NRC Sports Council is contemplating to expand its sporting activities to other institutions and Children’s Homes in and around Harare as well as establishing community based sports clubs to reach out to other disabled youths within the surround areas like Epworth where a considerable number of disabled youths can be empowered through sport.

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