A social protection system that promotes a safe, secure and supportive environment that is conducive to child growth and development.


To reduce incidences of child neglect and abuse through the provision of social protection services to children


  • Coordinate National Case Management Systems for the care and protection of children
  • Sets and reviews National Residential Care Standards at registered children institutions
  • Identification, documentation, tracing and re-integration living outside the family environment
  • Paying school fees for committed children in private and government institutions\Paying per capita and administrative grants for children in institutions
  • Assessing foster and adoptive parents through compilation of Guardian Ad Litem Reports
  • Investigating cases of children at risk such as children living on the streets and unaccompanied migrant children, neglected and abused children
  • Removing and placing children at risk into places of safety
  • Presenting cases to court within prescribed legal period through compilation of Probation Officer Reports
  • Rehabilitating delinquent children
  • Promoting rights of vulnerable children by conducting awareness campaigns
  • Child protection services provision of specialist services to orphan and vulnerable children
  • Registration of creche, pre-schools and children homes
  • Bi-annually inspection to registered creches, pre-schools and children homes
  • Administer Basic Education Assistant Module (BEAM) a payment of levies and tuition fees to primary schools going children

 * Payment of examination fees for  and  level; and levies for secondary schools

  * Payment of boarding/day fees and levies for special schools

  * Family casework support, guidance and counseling for the child to reintegrated


  • Children Act [Chapter 5:06]
  • Guardianship of Minors Act
  • Maintenance Act
  • Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act [Chapter 9:23]
  • Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act
  • Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM Manual)
  • National Orphan Care Policy
  • National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Phase II  Programme [NAP for OVC II]
  • National Case Management Systems [Manual]
  • National Residential Care Standards


  • Council of Social Workers
  • Donor community
  • The United Nations family
  • Childrens homes/institutions
  • Government line ministries
  • Civil societyInternational Organisations
  • Community


  • Children
  • Childrens homes
  • Parents
  • Foster parents
  • Adoptive parents