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Within the constraints of available resources, the Ministry undertakes to:-

  • Resolve industrial disputes within 30 days of receipt of complaints;
  • Intervene in the event of collective job action within 48 hours.
  • Register workers' and employers' organisations, national employment councils, codes of conduct and collective bargaining agreements within three months.
  • Process retrenchment applications referred to the Retrenchment Committee within 28 days of receipt,
  • Register every job seeker for employment within one (1) hour of calling at public employment service offices;
  • Fill all vacancies notified to the public employment services by employers, within 24 hours of notification.
  • Register new private employment agencies within 21 working days of submission of applications;
  • Renew licences of registered private employment agencies within five (5) working days of receipt of application.
  • Investigate queries and complaints on unfair employment practices by private employment agencies within one week of notification;
  • Organize one (1) careers' day per district cluster per year for students in secondary schools.
  • Publish a bi-annual labour market information bulletin.
  • Process temporary employment permit applications for expatriates referred by the Department of Immigration and Control within two (2) weeks
  • Register private voluntary organisations within three months of receipt of documents;
  • Register and counsel refugees within three months of arrival;
  • Pay maintenance allowances/food vouchers to refugees monthly;
  • Process business proposals submitted by persons with disability within forty-five days; and
  • Investigate and assess public assistance cases within fourteen working days of receipt of application
  • Pay monthly public assistance entitlements to qualifying individuals;
  • Pay fees and grants to institutions within thirty (30) days of receipt of claim documents;
  • Assess adoptive and foster parents within six (6) months of submission of application;
  • Investigate cases of children at risk within 24 hours of receiving a report;
  • Review court orders 3 months before date of expiry of existing order;
  • Process repatriations of non-nationals within four (4) months of application;
  • Register children's institutions and creches within six (6) months of application and inspect them every six months.
  • To honour invoices from creditors within 14 days of supply of goods and services.
  • To complete recruitment formalities within 30 days of receiving candidate list from Public Service Commission without any form of discrimination.
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